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Don’t leave home without these fishing essentials


Fishing is an adventurous hobby, and the perfect activity to get away from the day-to-day grind. Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with mates or bask in the sun while you enjoy your own company?

However, whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro angler, fishing essentials can leverage your success on your next trip, as well as making the day a more seamless experience.

While everyone knows to bring their fishing rod and reel, there’s a few other bits and pieces that deserve a spot in your tackle box. So, here is a list of our top picks to equip yourself with the next time you head down to the water.  .


EGO S2 Slider Net 

The EGO S2 Slider Net is one of those nifty necessities that take your skills to the next level. Seriously.

Featuring an advanced handle, it extends to any length imaginable, allowing you always to net your catch efficiently.

By being able to adjust the handle, you’re able to reduce the footprint of the net effectively, so you can store it in small spaces while on your boat. But when it’s time to reel in a catch, it gives you maximum reach, ensuring no ‘one that got away’ story later on.

The EGO S2 Slider Net comes in a variety of sizes and materials – including PVC and rubber formats – so that you can find the perfect slider net to suit your preferences.


Stealth Rod Holders 

Stealth Rod Holders let you set your hook without needing to touch the rod holder at all. This allows you to keep your rod secure, as well as release it, all by using an identical motion to how you set your hook by just grabbing and pulling.

Unlike other holders, these versions don’t send vibrations through the line, giving you the prime opportunity to avoid scaring away fish. Best of all, there’s plenty of styles to choose from – from the multi-mount base to a flush-mount or one without a base at all. They’re also compatible with most manufacturer track systems.

Live Bait

Used to attract certain kinds of fish, live bait might be a necessity when you are looking at purchasing a complete set of fishing gear. Bait like shrimp, baitfish or worms will go a a long way in increasing the chance of getting a bite while out on the water or shore. Do a bit of research into the area that you are going to fish, and see what common species are so you can purchase the perfect bait for that area.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ 

So you’ve been at your favourite lake for hours, and no matter what lure or bait you tack on, you haven’t had so much as a nibble. But it may be for a good reason – there’s probably no fish there at all.

Having the ability to check underwater for fish would be a superpower we’d all love to be equipped with, and thanks to the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+, that’s a reality. There are a bunch of wireless, castable fish finders currently available on the market, and as technology improves, they’re becoming more and more affordable for everyday fishers.

The Deeper Smart Sonar is an ideal model to opt for, allowing you to use your phone’s GPS, keep track of each location that you fish at, as well as enabling you to keep notes of any catches along the way.


EGO Mini Gripper Tool with magnetic release 

The Mini Gripper tool is perfect for handling your fish with ease. With a comfortable and ergonomic foam handle and an extra-wide jaw opening lets you grip fish of almost any size, it makes for the ideal fishing experience. Top it all off with a quality magnetic release that allows you to detach it without having to unhook the tool first quickly, and there’s plenty to love.


A first aid kit 

An obvious one, but also the most important – a first aid kit is essential you need under your belt, whenever you decide to head out. Occasionally, accidents do happen. If you experience an injury, it’s crucial to have the right resources nearby to deal with it safely and carefully. We recommend loading up Band-Aids, waterproof medical tape, small bandages, and antibacterial cream. Hook-related injuries are commonplace in the fishing field, so be prepared for a few nicks here and there.

Our pro tip is to opt for the Adventure Medical Kits range – specifically the Marine 200 – which makes for the ideal fishing companion to cover most scenarios. These editions are also extremely portable, weighing only 340 grams. 

Tackle Box

Who would forget their tackle box when going out on a fishing trip? It seems like such an essential part of your fishing equipment toolset. Yes it does seem ludicrous but we’ve seen it happen! Having a tackle box fully stocked and ready to go will give you all those little bits and pieces that will make your day a breeze. Extra hooks and line for breakages and losses. Don’t forget bobbers and sinkers – fishing is full of ups and downs. Spare lures and something to remove them with (needle nose pliers are a great idea) are another must. Other good tools are scissors to trim lines and a filleting knife if you plan on doing that while out.

What are your fishing must-haves?