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Check out these top benefits for you to go fishing!

My boyfriend bought me a fishing rod for my birthday! I was a little surprised as it was always his hobby. He said he wanted to share an activity with me that he loved and had so much going for it –...

It’s probably not a good idea to catch these fish

If you're looking forward to a session by the water, a full Esky in tow and the tackle box all ready to go, we get you. The New Year has settled in and for the most part, we have our shoes kicked off...

Fishing is a fantastic way to bond with friends and family

With the car full of fishing gear, I remember bouncing in my seat with excitement for my first ever fishing trip. After a long drive down the freeway, Dad and I were greeted with a cute little town...

Fishing, there is no better way to bond than going on a weekend fishing trip

Fishing is one of life's simple pleasures. It's one of the best-known ways to facilitate bonding as it can strengthen relationships between family, friends and colleagues. Combine fishing with a...

If you catch these fish, throw them back into the water immediately!

When it comes time to throw the rod out for another session, we’re all guilty of assuming any catch is a successful one. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and some species either need to be...

Every fishing spot has rules. Make sure you are aware of them or face heavy fines

Every fisherman knows that there are rules and regulations out there regarding their favourite pastime. But, these differ from region to region, state to state. So, making sure you’re aware of...

4 great family fishing spots in Victoria

Learning to fish with the whole family is a rite of passage for many young Aussies. When it comes to family-friendly fishing spots, Victorians are spoilt for choice. From freshwater to saltwater and...

Don’t leave home without these fishing essentials

Fishing is an adventurous hobby, and the perfect activity to get away from the day-to-day grind. Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with mates or bask in the sun while you enjoy your...

5 of the best fishing spots in New South Wales

New South Wales is no slouch when it comes to finding great places to fish, whether you prefer inland or coast, ocean or freshwater bounty. There are some hidden gems, as well as some well-known...