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Fishing, there is no better way to bond than going on a weekend fishing trip


Fishing is one of life's simple pleasures. It's one of the best-known ways to facilitate bonding as it can strengthen relationships between family, friends and colleagues. Combine fishing with a weekend away on the water, and you have a recipe for bonding success. What other activities can you think of in which you can drink beer, catch your dinner, have a holiday and enjoy the great outdoors?


Parents and their children have been bonding since the beginning of time. Fishing provides a balance between fun, education, and quality family time. These are qualities that are extremely important in the formative years of children as relationships between parents and children can become strained during adolescence. Children can feel as though they are isolated from their parents, unable to articulate that they need their attention and guidance. Fishing trips can remove these obstacles by helping to break down barriers that may prevent your children from being able to communicate with you.


Fishing also allows you to teach your children different values and life skills. It demonstrates the importance of patience and hard work. Fishing can also instil a love of nature and the great outdoors in your children, getting them away from electronic devices and other technological distractions. Your children will appreciate and respond to attention and one-on-one time with you. They'll also learn that there is more to life than spending time in front of a computer screen!


Fishing weekends are also a great way to initiate social bonding with friends. A weekend of beer, fishing and relaxation allows even the wariest of us to let our guards down a little. By allowing ourselves to relax, we allow ourselves to be open to communication and the social advances of others. Some of the greatest memories shared by friends have been created on fishing trips. Fishing trips create an environment with no distractions and long periods of inactivity. These inactive or quiet periods help to facilitate communication as there is nothing much else to do while you wait for the fish to bite!


Corporate fishing weekends away help form bonds between work colleagues. Fishing allows work colleagues to shed the chain of command and help to teach individuals to relate to each other as equals that are operating on the same level. It also helps them to connect to each other on a personal level. This type of bonding enables individuals to work together in strong teams and to build a certain level of camaraderie. With collaboration forming the basis of any good team, corporate fishing weekends away are an important tool. They can help facilitate cohesive teams and is used by many large corporations.


Not convinced? Don't take my word for it. Organise a fishing trip today and bring a friend, family member or colleague. You could start seeing an immediate change in your relationship. What've you got to lose?